Hey that’s me and my travel blog. I’m John and I like to write about travelling. Sometimes I’m a photographer, but I’m not good at all in it. I work a lot with photoshop and that’s why my photos look professional. I love couchsurfing. That is the reason why I like to write about travelling. I host people from around the world in my home and love to hear all the travel stories. I created a website to share my stories from around the world. I hope you’ll like it. Feel free to tell me your stories. I want to know how people live in the different countries around the world. That is why I love couchsurfing so much. There is always a story to laugh and dream about. And of course Couchsurfing is almost a dating site. But don’t count on that. It’s nice to meet all the people around the world. But still sometimes you meet a girl and wow. My heart beats a little faster and well you know… I like this world and I like to be free. A long relationsship is not that I want in my life. I like the short ones. Maybe that is why I love couchsurfing so much. After a couple of days the girls are gone. And when I want to see them I can travel around the world to stay at their home. That is the relationsship that I like. Ok in summary I love travelling and the couchsurfing girls and that is this page about. Just a blog about travelling. Thanks for joining me.

john of travelonguide.com
thats me