Couchsurfing around the world is awesome. You’ll meet incredible people and you can make long lasting friendships. In this article I take my couchsurfing experience and I’ll give you advices for a enjoyable couchsurfing experience.

At first you should researching your host

Of course it can be horrible couchsurfing experience but if you research your host than you’ll be fine. You should read most of the reviews of your host(s). If there are some terrible reviews then you should avoid this host. Be aware what reviews they are. If it is a guy with only girls reviews he will probably host only girls. If you are a man than don’t spent some time to write him for a couch. If you are a girl than read the lines between, because people don’t like to give bad reviews on couchsurfing. They give positive reviews because they don’t want to loose a couch possibility in future. So be aware of that. Figure out where your host is located. Sometimes a host is far away of the downtown city and you’ll have a long travel time. It can be a great experience as well but in some dangerous cities in South America it could mean your life. I think research and planning is the most important thing for couchsurfing.

Make a backup plan

You should have a backup plan if things aren’t going as planned. It will give you the comfort of knowing that you have a plan B in case of emergencies. If you now some good hostels where you can go in emergencies will give you calmness. You should keep in mind that for couchsurfing a form of communication is necessary. Not only for contacting your host but also for calling your outside world in emergencies or if you get stuck at your host.

Bring a gift for your couchsurfing host

You should bring a gift for your couchsurfing host or do something for him or her. That must not be expensive but it will show them that you care for your host. You can cook a meal of your home country or bring them some specials of your home country. That could be a vodka for Russians or if you’re coming from Switzerland you can bring chocolate or cheese. There are no limitations. I’ve met a guy in Canada who got a carpet from a mexican couchsurfer. It was amazing. He told every couchsurfer the story of this mexican carpet.
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