The world is good

When you turn on your television you get distracted with a lot of negative emotions. You see the news with a lot of violence, cruelty and many bad news. Many people enjoying watching the bad news. When this goes day by day you’ll see only the bad in the world. But that is not true. There are so many positive things in this world. Free of violence and cruelty. You should discover it yourself. Don’t be a fool to believe everything. Enjoy your life. Enjoy love. Love is everywhere. Life in every country is different. But in every country I’ve been I discovered love and beauty.

Life is much better than the news on television.

Get out of your comfort zone and travel the world. The world is good and you should trust your instincts. I don’t suggest travel to countries with war and violence but even in this countries there is love. Take the common sense and trust your instincts. Discover the countries and feel the freedom, peace and love that lying behind every creature in the world. Love your life and feel free. Feel free of negative emotions. Bring love into this world. Laugh and smile.

Go behind any limitations

You will be impressed how good the world is. Take responsibilities of your thoughts and actions and get to know the world. The world is good. In every aspect. In it’s true nature the world is perfect. Nature is perfect. Discover it on your travels. Go behind every limitations. Explore rain forests and desserts. Explore land and sea. Explore our world in your own way. But don’t forget to bring love into this world. This is what we all need in the end. True love for every thing in the world. True love in every moment. Don’t let the negative thoughts and emotions rule you. Be free and open for everything and everybody. Be aware of your thoughts. Stay in the present moment wherever you be when you travel around the world. Enjoy the country and it’s people and nature. Experience the true love while you traveling. Have the greatest time in your life. Every day and every moment. Traveling the world expand your consciousness. Be aware of that and feel how you mentally growth. But be aware that in the end you can’t stop. You can’t stop the experience of traveling the world because the world is good. Because life is good to you.

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