Here I write about my stories from around the world. I travel full term and I’m a digital nomade. That means I have a lot of stories to tell. If you want any news about longterm traveling than just write me an email. Normally I can help you. I live basically on my backpack and write from hostels or airbnb. I use the arbitrage and love it. If you want to know about me just come back to this website. I would be happy if you come back. There are so many stories to tell that I can hardly imagine. Live is good and that is what I want to show you. Let your fear behind you and join me on my trip. I don’t know yet what I will write here. I do a lot of volunteer work around the world and would be happy to assist you in case you need help. But there is also too much money in the game and that’s why you should be very careful. Don’t do some volunteer work if you have to pay. There your alarm clock should be going on. Just check some youtube videos about volunteer work. Unfortunately, that is why you should always check some recommendations. Ask around before you book any of them. Maybe your friends or colleague can help you with that. There are a lot of review sites about volunteer work when you travel. So just check this sites or ask in a cs group. In that group are many people that can help you. It’s always better to check first and than do it. You can have so much more fun if you do your work first. So now I’ve written enough for today. Come back any time and let me know which stories you want to hear.

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