“The dearest moments in the life of a person are when he travels.”

No matter how busy you might get in life, there is also the need to travel, to see the unknown. Life itself is an exciting journey. But simply living isn’t enough, you need to have friends, go places and enjoy the time. For this, travelling would be an awesome choice, wouldn’t it? But in this chaotic world, you get afraid to wander into the unknown. What if there are dangers that are beyond your control? What if you don’t know the language or get short on money? We all face such dilemmas, but you won’t know unless you set out on the journey. It’s a big decision, but it’s worth the risk. Below are few reasons that can act as motivation to travel.

  • Comfort zone? Say goodbye to it.

You can never know who you really are unless you get out of your comfort zone. But it is easier said than done. It is those unfamiliar moments that have a lasting impression on you. Travelling to unknown places acts as a medium to meet new people, experiencing new cultures and lifestyles and savor new food.

“Without travelling, you can’t expect to discover that vast ocean that is life.”

Try to look at the world with a new set of eyes and understand the beauty and happiness that surrounds you. It is easier is look far off forward when you don’t want to look back.

  • Make new friends, discover new cultures.

One can say, making new friends is one of the best things that can happen while travelling. You get to learn so much from their life experiences and sometimes these friendships can last a lifetime.

Another aspect is learning about different cultures of places you travel to; the people you meet. In your normal lives, you forget how much this world has to offer. But now you can experience something new with every passing moment.

“Travel the globe with the desire to see something new every moment and live with happiness as if there is nothing to get sad about.”

  • Fear? Overcome it and see what more there is to life.

It’s only when you try to cross your limits and tame your fears, your true selves are revealed. In your journeys, there are such times when it’s risky and dangerous that your true nature comes to the surface. Your hidden talents and skills are honed in those precious moments and make sure to enjoy them to the fullest.

The satisfaction you get when you do something for the first time is something which cannot be expressed in words. They can only be understood and experienced by those who travel.

  • Gain new perspectives.

With limited resources on travels, you get to experience the importance of things you take for granted in your daily life. A simple paper roll seems like a luxury when you are out in the jungle or in a vast countryside.

“Every culture has its own personalities, some positive and some negative. But those who wander get to experience the best of them and are affected only by the positives.”

  • Why wait to the future? Why not go for it now?

Many of you might be waiting for retirement to travel to your dream destination. But still then, there may come certain unforeseen circumstances that will demotivate us to travel. Just go and live your life, visit places while you can. Don’t wait for your thirties or forties to fulfil your dreams, make them happen at the earliest. Make sure you don’t have any regrets later.

  • Grow and communicate.

On your travels around the world, the experiences gained make you grow spiritually than those who stay confined to their small bubbles. You won’t be the same once you start travelling and the change will always be positive.

When travelling to places with different cultures having different languages, it can at first be difficult to make people understand you. But there is always something common which everyone understands and this essence of life and understanding is bound to change your perspective towards life.

  • Make stories.

Sharing and expressing your stories of travel is a wonderful feeling. The feeling associated with is are of happiness and joy. People listen to your stories; learn and aspire from your experiences.

  • The wonderful food.

On the top of happy memories from your travels will be the food you enjoyed. You get to enjoy food from different cultures, each having its own specialties and flavors. The surprise it brings is something which will be remembered for a long time.

The true purpose of life is to enjoy the time and spend it doing what you love. Travel around the world, enjoy each and every moment of your life.

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