Travel food around the world

Food and travel fit perfectly together. Food is the way I meet people, at a backpacker café, at the local markets, at a street stall or just in the hostel kitchen. Good food is something that everybody loves and the people are willing to spend a lot of money. You can enjoy the food and have a good conversation. It’s sociable process. Eating with local people on a street stall or especially cooking with local people, helps expanding your experience in the foreign country. You can discover amazing food and gain some inspiration for your kitchen at home. Not even a good cooking book can show you the special food in the foreign country.

“It’s not a secret that food tastes always better in the country of origin.”

At first I go to a local market and discover the new food dishes of the country.  You can see people chattering about their life or the latest news. I always pick different food that seems to be really popular with locals. I don’t always know what food I eat, but I think if the local people like it then it must be good. You can always ask how to cook it yourself. The locals are very helpful and give you sometimes recipes.

Cooking classes

In almost every foreign country you can take cooking classes. They focus about the really local food. I’ve been to a cooking class in Vietnam and what I learnt was more than I even imagined.

Couch surfers travel food

Sometimes my couch surfers want to cook her special foreign food. I love that. You can have a chat about that and taste very tasty travel food. And with a good glass of vine the evening will be good. And after a bottle of vine I get to know the funniest stories around the world of my couch surfers. They told me stories that I could write a whole book about that. And of course we’re chatting about travel food.

Crazy food

Did you ever eat balls of a cow or eat a monkey brain? No? Go travelling and expand your mind. The insects in China are one of the best foods I’ve ever tasted. My top favorite travel food is the Mexican food. It’s a lot of meat but really tasty. The sea food of Peru is one of the best as well. Food and travelling is one of the best ways to experience a foreign country.